Leaping Jaguar


NearIy ruining my hands, I cleaned inch by inch the original loom, thanksfully not bodged, cut or with any other hidden nasties. It cleaned up beautifully and in fact, despite Lucas being kown as the Prince of Darkness, the quality of the wiring harness is nigh on sublime, with 3sqmm wires throughout with sturdy insulation and connectors. I'm more used to see thin wall 1.5mm wiring in modern cars that burn at the slightest malfunction and get brittle within 10 years, causing all kind of head aches trying to find where it split among all that insulation. BMW's from the eighties and nineties are truly horrendous with fragile wiring.

A reduced gear, hi torque starter motor was bought from SNG, for weight saving and reliability, further protected from the heat emanating fromn the engine a a special thermal blanket.

Kenlowe fans were fitted for , a twin 14" HD set up, works brilliantly. An electrical water pump, from Craig Davies has replaced the heavy original cast iron impeller one, in order to achieve quicker warm up times by ditching thermostats and controlling flow by pre setting temperature activating point on the pump.

A Crane XR3000 electronic ignition system has been adopted altough Crane informing it may not work, the secret is to use the triggering sen sensor from the XR700, amplifier from XR3000 and high output coil PS91 E core(excess of 40KVa), you should see how fat the spark was, it seemed like a arc welder!

Hand made set of medical grade silicon HT leads of 10mm were purchased from a neighbour of mine. The coil lead had to extra long to reach the new coil position by the radiator top frame, trying to escape the engine's devastating heat.

For experimenting purposes, an Aquamist water/methanol injection system has been purchased and fitted, normally seen in turbo charger engines, quite effective in reducing inlet mix temperatures thus increasing mix density, so more power is available. The reason for my choice is due to the high temperatures generated by the tight and packed engine bay and its bulky resident, so any solution to reduce temperatures is welcome.

A Ford Transit high output alternator has been fitted. Unfortunately it turns anti clockwise in the Transit engine thus rendering obsolete the vacuum pump that is coupled to it although still fit for the charging chore. The purpose behind the vacuum pump idea was to use it for extracting positive crankcase pressure through the breather cap, aiding the engine to free itself from undesirable parasitic power losses. A proper Moroso pump may be fitted in the near future.

I did fit 110w bulbs at the front as Jaguar/Lucas sealed for life 55w units are next to useless at night. It was required to fit relays for all the lights and other ancillaries, safely handligh high amperage outputs without the risk of burning original wiring harness and switches. I did make sure not to cut any original harness and going to great lenghts to use the correct bullet connectors or 6.3mm spade with proper clear through insulation when coupling new wiring to the original loom. It is a pet hate I possess against those blue, red, yellow etc crimp jobs you find in any motor factor. It is horrible, unreliable and looks nasty.

An AFR gauge and a Lambda sensor were purchased to monitor the air/fuel ratio mix, this is more a gimmick than anything else but may prove useful in the future when installing Fuel Injection.

I'll be describing soon my twelve independent 39mm throttle bodies (out of BMW K1200RS') and assembly of the MegaSquirt DYI ECU, watch this space!

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