Leaping Jaguar


Here is a small selection of short video clips that I have filmed. As work progresses, I'll try to upload some more interesting videos. Stay wired!

I've filmed this short clip mid-way through the restoration, just before it was to leave for the upholsterer.

Panel gaps have yet to be adjusted and funnily enough, I'll entrust this job to my mechanic, Jorge Maia, who's better with this than your average panel beater.

The front suspension is hiked up due to removing so many of the old engine ancillaries, such as the GM PAS pump, emissions control air pump, A/C system, viscous coupling fan, mechanical water pump, Auto Box (weighs a ton), original starter motor (weighs a ton an'half) etc. New lowering springs (-35mm) have been bought from AVO along with Koni shocks but have yet to be fitted (it has as new Boge rear and new Koni front at present).

As I drove behind the recovery truck transporting the XJ, I just smiled to myself as it looked a million bucks and all those years tolling have been well worth it.

These are the first moments of my engine new life, it was reluctant to start as the 308 degrees (@ 0.050" lift) upsets the vacuum signal to the carbs, especially when cold with the aggravation of the cams being advanced 4 degrees, trying to counter-act the 105 LBA carachteristics of impulse reversion and over-scavenging.

When it finally catched fire, we had to advance quite a bit the ignition (18 degrees + no vacuum) and tune superficially the carbs to give a synchronized vacuum signal at idle and consistent CO readings, not suprinsingly, it runs best at 6.2%! Have to ditch the carbs!

Got a bit worried as coolant system was not properly bled as we had yet to bleed the new heater matrix . Electric Water Pump was set to switch on at around 100 degrees, I thought was not working! I tuned it now to switch on at 80 degrees Celsius.

The twin 14" heavy duty Kelowe fans set up is brilliant, it really cools down efficiently and rapidly the coolant as the temperatures rise quite quickly . The Electric Water Pump only flows at pre-determined set point to enhance warm up times for the engine, which is so vital for reduced consumption and emission.

It took a while to build oil pressure as we were bleeding the oil pump through the starter and monitoring it with an independent gauge before we would start the engine. When it finally bled, we started the engine and got readings of over 100 psi at just bellow 4000 rpm! Quite amazing as I never managed more than 60 psi even with 20-50W oil before the rebuild and I was using now Valvoline 10-40W!

The annoying whistling sound we hear is due to the crankcase breather being disconnected. Once we connected it, the engine sound was awesome; it revved incredibly quick for such big engine, helped no doubt by flowed heads, oversizes valves, cams, Fidanza flyweel etc.

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